Last updated: 6 September 2017

Results submitted so far this season can be viewed here:

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You will notice there are "points" attributed to all the results. This is to determine the male and female club triathletes of the year, and the details are outlined below. 

Note: if you have a result that is not shown in the results file, or find an error, please submit the info to the club as soon as possible for inclusion. 

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Club Standard Assignment

The assigned club standards for each race are based on the "normal" distances, as detailed on the club standard tables. As more races, particularly triathlons, have "non-standard" distances for one or more of the legs the split time(s) for those legs will be adjusted to bring it in line with the normal distances. For the example of a pool sprint triathlon, a swim that is only 400m will be adjusted up to a time for 500m. For a bike leg that is 24km it will be adjusted down to 20km and so on. This is to ensure fairness and consistency with the awards.

Ideally, if transition times are given these are not altered. However, if any non-standard leg also includes a transition time then the transition time part would also unfortunately be adjusted. This will not usually make a difference to the standard awarded. However if such an adjustment leaves a time only seconds from the next standard then a decision will be made as to whether to award the higher standard. 

Note that all standards marked with an asterix have had one or more adjustments to the race times. Also, all times tabulated are the actual race and split times.