Welcome to the Warrington Triathlon Club Strava page.  

Strava is a free to use cycling and running website that can be used to track all your activities and share them with others.  Use your phone or GPS device to track your rides and runs and then upload the data onto Strava and analyze your performance or compare it with others.  Strava adds a fun element by using sections of your runs and rides described as "Strava Segments" where your performance and data will be compared with other Strava users who have completed the same Strava segments, these then build leaderboards and give awards for King of the Mountains (KOM's) and Queen of the Mountains (QOM's) which can often add a fun and competitive edge to your training.

You can join the Warrington Triathlon Club Strava group by following this link.  If you don't already have a Strava account then click here to go to the website and create your free account.

Below are the Strava Warrington Triathlon Club activity feed and the weekly stat totals.